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About Us

Every item reused makes a difference.

Reusableworld was started to promote healthy food and reduce use of single use items with multipurpose , ecofriendly reusable products.

We are two eco-friendly Mums who want to help others change their lifestyle to use more reuseables than single use items. We believe that every time we create less waste it makes a difference. We love to find good quality, affordable, ethically and sustainably made reusables to replace our most used single use items. Or products that use recycled materials, promote recycling or simply reduce waste. We believe these small lifestyle changes are not only healthier for the planet, they are healthier for people.

Jo's daughter suffered from very severe allergies and required home made food and great care. Jo changed her lifestlye to include more simple traditional home made foods and organic healthier products. Reuseables such as our signature product EcoSqueeezies made food on the go so much easier without making her daughter feel singled out. Denise started her journey to change her lifestyle and find easy and convenient reusables when she discovered her babies nappies filled half her garbage, took 250 years to breakdown in landfill and were easily replaced with modern reusable nappies. It was then that she started a journey to find easy and convenient reusables for everyday high use items such as disposable nappies. As people started to ask her about her reusable wetbags, nappies, wipes and cups it seemed a natural progression to begin reusableworld, working from home and promoting more sustainable and healthier choices.

                    We hope you enjoy our store